General Instructions and Terms of Use:

* Superior Casino Page Peel Widget is a tool developed by Superior Share Affiliate Program and it is exclusive for our registered and approved partners. We reserve the right to stop the use of this tool if we find any sign of abuse.

* It is the Affiliate sole responsibility to insert the correct Affiliate ID information within the Page Peel Widget in order to guarantee an efficient tool performance and optimal tracking results.

In order to put the correct Affiliate ID. Please find your Superior Casino Tracker in the Members Area.

Example: → Please insert the last 6 numbers (the tracker Affiliate ID) in the box above where it says "Affiliate ID" prior to generating the Widget Code.
This tracker can be extracted from any banner code generated by our system. For example:

<!--Advertisement Code - Please do not modify -->
<a href="">
<img src=""
border="0" width="1" height="1">
Visit Superior Casino</a>
<!--End of Advertisement Code-->

We appreciate your preference! Please contact us for any questions/assistance you may need.
Superior Share Marketing Team